Rose Maria Hall. M.Sc., PgDs., B.Sc., DipHE.

Rose Hall

Rose Hall

In order to keep people safe whilst the Coronavirus poses a threat to us all, all DynaPsych services are available online. Rose will work with you to feel comfortable if you are not familiar with online working.

Face-to-face therapy and supervision are also available in an environment that meets government recommendations for keeping safe.

Please contact Rose to arrange a free telephone consultation for therapy, supervision, online group supervision, service consultation and training.

Rose is qualified as a BABCP accredited cognitive behavioural therapist, psychodynamic psychotherapist, counselor and solution focused therapist.  Rose is also an NSPCC-trained Safeguarding Supervisor.

Rose provides therapy for adults, children, adolescents and their families and couples. She has also advised and helped people to understand how their own preferences can contribute to undesirable behaviours from family pets.

Rose has worked with the NHS, in the private sector and also for MIND. She has practiced in the North West, North East, Essex, East Anglia, Eire and Wales.  

When employed by the NHS her responsibilities included that of Clinical Leadership for Service Transformation and Clinical Lead for Safeguarding and Serious Self Harm. Rose has also been responsible for the regional development of the use of outcome measures in CAMHS, including responsibility for training staff to integrate outcomes and feedback of therapy in a meaningful way.

Rose served as Principle Investigator for the Multi-site Randomized Controlled Trail [MRCT] SHIFT trial which evaluated family practice for adolescents who self-harm. She has been awarded a Certificate for Services to Research. 

Rose was a Critical Friend to the Department of Heath’s development of CYP-IAPT, representing the BABCP Child and Adolescent Special Interest Committee. She is an elected member of the BABCP Supervision SIG Committee.

Areas of Expertise

Rose has a specialist interest and expertise in Complex Trauma including for those who have experienced sexual, physical, emotional or domestic abuse and longstanding depression and anxiety. She has also provided therapy and supervision for the treatment of Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), eating difficulties and disorders, phobic reactions, separation anxiety, social anxiety, health anxiety and panic disorder.

Those of us who have had mental health difficulties may feel as if they are not themselves or distant or separated from themselves. People can also hear their thoughts out loud, hear a voice or more than one voice, feel suspicious, vulnerable and scared. Therapy includes understanding and finding some resolution of these experiences.

For further discussion please click on ‘Mental Health Difficulties,’ which have been classified in line with DSM V [American Psychiatric Association]; ICD-11 [WHO].


Teaching Training and Supervision  -  NEWS


Rose continues to provide individual supervision for clinicians and also supervision of supervision [for supervisors].

In 2019 Rose presented to the Complex Trauma Conference in York. She gave also Presented at a BABCP Supervisor’s Training event and facilitated workshops for Group Supervisors.

In 2020 Rose has continued to train clinicians with regular Webinars for clinicians through the Complex Trauma Network. Further details: Complextrauma.UK.

June 5th -  Rose is engaged to provide training to supervisors as part of the BABCP Webinar Programme.

Further details:

The Complex Trauma Conference 2020

This was scheduled to take place at the York University but  will be replaced by a programme of online presentations and webinars.

Rose Hall’s presentation and webinars will be available:; Complextrauma.UK.

Online [Zoom] Supervision Groups are scheduled to begin in July 2020. These include:

Online Supervision Groups for Clinicians 

Online Supervision Groups for Supervisors

Further details:  Contact Rose; Complextrauma.UK


Rose is contributing to the University of York’s research into dreams and nightmares and re-traumatisation. This has included reviewing their materiel for publication.

Rose is also documenting her findings in relation to effective therapy for complex trauma. This will include the experiences of clients, clinicians, supervisors and systems, specifically in relation to family interventions in a low secure unit for young women, measuring outcomes in group supervision and the effectiveness of empowerment in the therapeutic process.

Rose is concerned at the ways that effective therapy is adversely affected by political and professional interests.

Her contributions to training and supervision include consideration of the need for professional integrity when clinicians are involved in the negotiation and planning of programmes of care, which may compromise standards of best practice for financial or organizational considerations.

Rose is accredited with the British Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Psychotherapies (BABCP). Rose has been an active member of the BABCP since 2009. She was elected to the committee for the Child Adolescent and Family Special Interest Group from 2009-2015 and a member of the Branch Liaison committee. In 2017 Rose was elected to the committee of the BABCP Supervision Special Interest Group.


Rose Maria Hall

M.Sc., PgDs., Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy.

B.Sc. Psychosocial Interventions

DipHE Psychodynamic Psychotherapy