Rose Maria Hall. M.Sc., PgDip., B.Sc., DipHE.

Therapy Sessions


Free telephone consultations to discuss treatment are available.

Clinic appointments are available in Leeds Centre (LS1), Bradford Centre (BD5) and Pudsey.

Applications for meetings outside of the usual clinic locations can be arranged at the time of referral.


Assessment appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes. This includes filling out questionnaires to identify symptoms, details of the difficulties you are experiencing and how they have developed.

At the end of the assessment we will discuss the Formulation, which is an understanding of how your difficulties have become overwhelming.

The recommendations for treatment will include approximately how many sessions will be required. If additional information becomes apparent in later sessions which indicate greater complexity, then any changes to the recommendation for treatment are discussed.


Treatment sessions will last for 50 minutes. Each programme of treatment is individually tailored according to the Formulation and research evidence for treatment of the presenting problem(s). At the first session the client’s goals for treatment will be recorded. These will be looked at through the treatment in order to keep the treatment on track.