Rose Maria Hall. M.Sc., PgDs., B.Sc., DipHE.

Therapy Sessions

Therapy is available online or face-to-face in a clinic session.



Free telephone consultations can be arranged. Please ‘Contact Rose’

Clinic appointments are available in Leeds Centre (LS1), Bradford Centre (BD5) and Pudsey (LS28).

Applications for meetings outside of the usual clinic locations can be arranged at the time of referral.



Assessment appointments are scheduled for 90 minutes, which allows time for a detailed understanding of your situation. Self-report measures are also filled out in the assessment appointment, allowing for a discussion of your experiences as the symptoms are identified. Self-report measures also allow a comparison of your symptoms before, mid-way and at the end of treatment.

At the end of the assessment appointment we will discuss the Formulation, which is an understanding of how your symptoms have developed and how they are maintained.

The recommendations for treatment will include approximately how many sessions will be required. Treatment will be responsive to your experiences during the process of therapy and also to information in addition to that which you have discussed in the assessment.



Treatment sessions will last for 50 minutes. Each programme of treatment is individually tailored according to the Formulation and research evidence for treatment of the presenting problem(s). At the first session the client’s goals for treatment will be recorded. Progress in meeting these goals will be monitored as treatment progresses.